Looking at Saving Money on Satellite

I am going to start talking about what I am going to do when I ditch the cable company, which is going to be in about a month and a half. Of course I want to avoid getting in to the same sort of long term commitment that I am about to get out of. For instance if I call a Satellitetelevisionpackages.com expert at their phone number I will want to know what sort of commitment I am going to be making. I signed this deal with the cable company which looked really awesome at the time and it was really pretty nice at the start of it. You have to think about the total cost and look past the big numbers that they have on the ad. Of course 20 dollars a month seems really sweet for any type of package of TV channels, but you are usually only going to get that initial price for a certain length of time. They call it an introductory offer and the theory is very simple. Continue reading

Become An Event Partner

Become an Event Partner
America Means Business is an open event that allows any company, group, or individual to participate in an official capacity. Most AMB events will be hosted by and presented by our Official Event Partners, and we invite you to join with us to educate America about how to start and grow successful businesses.

Sign Up To Create Your Event

Who Can Participate
Anyone who wants to hold an event related to entrepreneurship and business creation during America Means Business is invited to become an Event Partner. There is no fee to participate, and our structure allows all of our partners to maintain creative control while being a part of the overall event. All we ask is that you let everyone know your event is part of America Means Business in your communications and marketing.

Why Participate
America Means Business is a great opportunity to promote your company to people who are avidly interested in starting a new business or in growing their existing small business. Each partner helps spread the word about America Means Business, increasing interest in all of the events, broadening knowledge and interaction with your organization to new audiences and PR opportunities.

Because America Means Business is crowdsourced, it means you can plan your event the way you’d like to see it: big, small, ticketed or free, morning or evening. America Means Business will promote events from all partners equally, regardless of size.

Register Your Event
Adding your event to our Schedule is simple. Just create a profile for your organization, then add your event. A member of the America Means Business team will review your listing to make sure all the relevant info is listed. Once confirmed, we’ll publish your event to the Calendar for the general public to see. You’ll also receive an email with your login and password, so you’ll be able to return to the site to edit your event listing, or add more events.

Event Options
When you create an event you’ll have two options for where it will be held: at Metropolitan Pavilion, the headquarters facility for America Means Business, at 125 W. 18th Street in New York City, or at any other facility, of any type, elsewhere in New York (“Citywide”).

There’s no cost to stage your event at Metropolitan Pavilion, but your session must begin on the hour (e.g., 2:00 pm) and can be no longer than fifty (50) minutes.  We recommend that you plan for 40 minutes of  presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A.  Registration for all events at Metropolitan Pavilion will be handled by America Means Business, and all events will be included in the general event registration.  Metropolitan Pavilion will have two stages, allowing for a maximum of 42 events over the three days.  So we’ll be selective about which events we approve for inclusion on the Metropolitan Pavilion schedule.

If you choose to stage your event elsewhere in New York City it can be of any length, even multi-day.  It can begin and start at any time, day or night.  You can even have your own registration page for it, and charge admission for it if you’d like.  As long as your Citywide event is related to entrepreneurship and business management and growth and is scheduled for the week of June 11 it will be approved and added to the American Means Business calendar.

What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business in the world is always volatile. It depends on several factors like economy, politics and financial market as well as natural calamities can affect on the business badly. Looking to these facts the business interruption insurance is intend to cover the losses of occurs due to day-to-day business operations. Depends on local as well as local market condition businesses like manufacturing, service sector and retail sector can give affect badly. It will get affected from the unforeseen circumstances.

To protect the business interruption insurance there are many types of emergency and clauses included in the business interruption insurance. Businesses get affected from Katrina, Tornado or earth quack or attacks of terrorist. The business interruption insurance can protect it from various types of losses such as:

The losses are covered under the contingent business interruption, which covers losses, or damages of the property provided by the suppliers and it also prevent from the customer.

Another types of losses are called as Services Interruption. It gives coverage from the losses due to various service sectors like electricity, gas, telecom and many more.

In case of declaration of national emergency your property gets affected the business as well as individual household from the military restrictions. You will get the coverage from the insurance sector.

You must have to keep all the unpredictable risk in mind and get the proper coverage. It is essential to analyze you business risk depends on local conditions and present market condition. Insurance in the business is essential for any small and medium size business to get enough coverage.

Can I Get Deductibles On Business Insurance?

The deductibles are based on the risk associated with your business. It is individual’s choice to keep the deductibles high or low. The premium is depends on the deductibles. If you keep the deductible high than premium get reduced and insurance cost also get reduce. The deductibles are depends on the risk factor. You must have to analyze the situation and take the appropriate decision for the protection of your business.

If you keep your deductible value is low and the coverage and premium get high. In such a case you will get your deductibles as well as coverage from the insurance company. You must enquire with the insurance company to know the deductible benefits and read it carefully to get maximum advantage of deductibles. If you choose the policy with lower premium your deductible is high and if you choose higher premium policies than the deductible gets lower.

For the protection of small and medium scale sector you must keep high premium policy with lower deductibles. If your small and medium scale business needs lower coverage than you must keep your premium low and choose the higher deductibles. All will be depends on the risk in your business as well as your cash flow.

You must take the advise from your financial consultant or insurance agent whether you need to reduce your deductibles or not. The risk is the key element in the insurance sector. You must have to keep the risk in mind and get the decision about the premium and coverage.

Types Of Business Liability Insurance

Liability insurance can gives safety against many things for the business owners. It protects you against claims regarding products, customer services. If your product affect the customer than the sever accident occurs than it will sue your company and you must have the bear the cost of hospitalization and loss of income Considering all these facts there are three-liability insurance are provided in the business insurance.

The business entrepreneurs must need product liability insurance to get protection from sue or claim or injury by the product due to fault at manufacturers end. It will protect from the injured using the product. The coverage and the risks are depends on type of business you have.

The business entrepreneurs must have to protect from the customers, if in some case someone sues you must have enough protection. The Error & Omissions (E&O) insurance policy is the best solution to protect you from all claims. This types of insurance will cover professional business owners like IT, Accountacy or Legal or any other consultany services covered under the small business defination. The consultancy types small business requires protection from the third party client for secracy of their documents

The general liability insurance gets third party coverage from damages of assets, injury, and publicity claims. Many small companies choose the general liability insurance depends on their needs. It is better to protect the businesses from all these threads. You can get the security from the damages of assets, injury, and publicity claims. Product liability insurance to get protection from sues or claims or injury by the product due to fault at manufacturers end.

Steps To Go For Business Insurance Claim?

The business one important aspect to secure from various types of treats. You must take business insurance to get coverage from all these threats by taking the insurance policy. You must have to clear about the claim processing as defined under the business insurance policy documents. The business owner should also know the claim process, so that it will be helpful to bring back the situation from the major damages, and the business owner is able to get recovery from the business losses. Here are the important steps to file the business insurance claim:

1. The business insurance policies need to notify accident within 24 to 72 hours of the event. If you are not able to inform the insurance agencies than you cant get recoveryIf any person injury or death inform the local police.

2. You must be clear about the coverage you are going to get on your policy. Please cross check with your company if any updates.

3. You must have to list out losses due to fire or other types of accidents, prepare a list of item damages, it will be helpful for insurance company.

4. You must see the balance sheet to the insurance company before incident and after the incidence.

5. The insurer need to choose the three options like cash payment and other options.

It is essential to onbey all these five steps of the claim. I think you must be contacct agent if you have any problem.

Cool Insuring Agency Business Insurance Company Reviews

Cool Insuring Agency is an individual insurance agency which provides various business insurance plans by our 150 years experience of in this field. It was founded in 1857 and its main firm is situated in USA.

Today they have full services insurance offices and it works in different cities such as New York, Albany, Glens Falls and many more. We provides everything more than your expectation like brief information, a fair price year after year, excellent customer services and the main thing is very low price range premium. We make long time relationship with our clients and for give them long time support and invest them money at right place. Our professional and skilled staff always stands in your help and giving best online support through send you write answers.

  • It was great experience with Cool Insuring Agency because I got business insurance for my small business and I was impressed through beneficial insurance policy in very competitive range premium so I am very happy to get it. Services are also wonderful as per my view.
  • I have been jointed with this insurance company from last 10 years but I never disappointed through any services as well as during claims time I also get good services and support and those process of return money is also very fast. THANKS!!!!
  • I have taken Energy Insurance from Cool Insuring Agency and now I am not worried about any damage or any business interruption because now my business is totally covered through your insurance policy. Your staff members are also very brilliant who always giving great online support.

784 Troy-Schenectady Rd
Latham, NY 12110
Phone: 800- 233-0115

ACEC Business Insurance Company Reviews

ACEC is largest professional organization and leader of America which offer different types of business insurance and professional liability insurance for covered your small to large types of business.

Our skilled and professional staff members provide best plans of insurance with very competitive priced premiums. Your requirements are very valuable for us so we always give positive response to our old and new both customers. Our affiliate insurance programs are provides best services and knowledge about business insurance throughout our skilled professionals. This is very trustworthy company and they have world’s largest insurance broker which always stand in your help. You can also solve your regular basis matters by discussion with our practices engineers.

  • ACEC is best insurance firm for my business and I got professional liability insurance which covered my business by analysis the market strategy and other points and I am impressed through the good work. Thanks a Lot!!!
  • As per the suggestion of my friend I have taken the insurance policy from the ACEC and I can save my time and money both by its exceptional online services. I am very delighted through your most excellent services.
  • The whole process of getting insurance is very easy-going and I also got the claims for my business that time your staff members had given best services by just check my some documents and quickly continue the process for my claims. I am very pleased from your express services.
  • My business is very large so I can’t spend time for obtained accurate insurance so my manager have chosen ACEC company and when I checked it personally that time I also impressed through its wide-ranging services. They really managed my whole business by protecting organization.
  • I have been pleasurable experience of this insurance company and I have never seen this kind of superior services on other site so I am very appreciating through your work. KEEP IT UP GUYS!!!!!


701 Market Street, Suite 1100
St. Louis, MO 63101
Phone: 800-338-1391

Degree in Physical Education and Sport

Degree in Physical Education and Sport
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Alberto Alves
1. Presentation
The Physical Education and Sport is a central axis of support of the Comprehensive Education Model promoted by UNESCO.
Our degree in Physical Education and Sport is structured to meet the highest quality standards set by the Bologna model, fundamentally:

B-learning training model. Students have a platform (Blackboard) that facilitates the management of learning time.
Work experience Possibility of different sports. (Diploma Supplement)
International Internship opportunity in Europe, the United States and Portuguese-speaking countries.
Titration recognized in all European countries acceding to the Bologna process.
Access to MEC-DGES scholarships for all students with low incomes.
Possibility of reconciling work of students with the frequency of the course.
Availability of access to higher education through general access regimes and special ticket (aged over 23, transfer, re-entry and change of course).
► Download the Fact Sheet
2. Duration
§ 1st Cycle: 6 semesters (180 ECTS) – Degree in Physical Education and Sport
3. Objectives
To enhance the training aimed at the pursuit of a professional nature of activity related to the dynamics and animation of physical and sporting activities, ensuring students an application component of the knowledge and understanding to the practical activities of the profile defined for this course of study.
4. Careers
– Coach at all levels of sport;
– Prescription of exercise for apparently healthy people with sub-clinical conditions or with disabilities;
– Promoter Activity Recreation and Sports Recreation;
– Exercise and Weight Control;
– Sports Director;
– Technical Pelouro Sports of Local Authorities;
– Director of Facilities;
– Of Sport Events Manager.
5. School Year 2012/2013
– Deadline for applications
§ 1st phase Applications: from July 2
– Entry Examinations
One of the following:
02 – Biology and Geology
17 – Mathematics applied to Social Sciences
18 – Portuguese
6. Study Plan

Curriculum units


1st Year – 1st Semester

English Language and Culture
Applied Informatics
Fighting sports
3 Training theory

1st Year – 2nd Semester

Motor Development and Learning
Methodology Training

2nd Year – 1st Semester

Psychology of Development and Learning
Exercise physiology
Sociology of Sport

2nd Year – 2nd Semester

Sports Racket
Anthropology and History of Body
Research Methodology in Physical Education and Sport
Sport Psychology
Evaluation and Exercise Prescription

3rd Year – 1st Semester

Pedagogy of Physical Education and Sport
Sports Management
Academy of Sports
Stage I

3rd Year – 2nd Semester

Stage II
Traumatology and First Aid
Sports Recreation and Leisure
Adapted Physical Activities
Health Promotion
Special educational needs
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Sport

Human Resource Development Policy in Sport

Prof. Dr. Alberto Alves – alberto.alves.efd.isce@gmail.com